Therapeutic Massage

It may be hard for some people to believe that a massage may be the best option for recovery after a medical procedure like surgery or a chiropractic adjustment. A therapeutic massage is different than a relaxation massage such as the one you might get at a massage parlor. Our massage therapist at The Chiropractic Studio in Troy, MI, will understand how to treat a particular condition. A therapeutic massage can have a variety of benefits to help a variety of health concerns, ranging from inflammation to arthritis to psychological issues like anxiety.


Treatment starts with a physical examination and taking a medical history of the patient to develop a rehabilitation plan that may involve massage therapy. Next, the patient should consult with the massage therapist to understand their particular services, treatments, and experience. Our licensed masseuse at The Chiropractic Studio has extensive training and understands what treatments are best for particular medical conditions.

Treating the Pain

The type of massage you receive during treatment may vary. A deep tissue massage is one of the most common because it stimulates blood circulation within the skin and muscles, helping to repair injured areas. Likewise, a sports massage may be effective for an athletic injury, like a sprained ankle, because it relieves pressure in the afflicted area and permits a broader range of motion. Chiropractic treatment may be incorporated with the massage or may be separate from it, to build better musculoskeletal strength and synthesis.

Any massage therapy will be an ongoing relationship between the therapist and the patient. A single visit is likely not enough to treat a major health concern, but over time the patient may feel like their treatments are boosting their ability to move, reducing pain, or generating a better mood. An evaluation is necessary before and after treatment since no patient wants to get off the road to recovery once they have committed to a plan. More frequent visits will typically result in faster progress, meaning that most patients are encouraged to commit to a regular schedule of massage during rehabilitation.

Therapeutic Massage in Troy, MI

If you believe that your recovery could benefit from therapeutic massage, contact The Chiropractic Studio today at to schedule an appointment with our experienced physical therapist. We can help you to better understand your condition and recovery.

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