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  • All insurance is different. Even if you have the same insurance company there can be many different plans.  


  • How many visits does my insurance cover?
    • Every plan is different. Some may have only 12 visits, and others could cover unlimited. This is something you and your insurance provider have agreed to. After you are out of visits for the year, we have cash packages available to continue your care. Please ask us about financial plans we have to accommodate your wallet.

  • What is a deductible?
    • A deductible is an amount that varies depending on your plan type with your insurance provider. It is a set amount you must pay before your insurance will cover any charges. All services being billed to your insurance that you are paying for will go towards your deductible. All services are billed at the approved rates set by your insurance company. Once you have met it, then you will pay a co-insurance or co-pay.  If you are seeing other doctors, please keep us informed as well. We do not know when you have met your deductible unless we are your only provider.  It can take insurance companies up to 180 days to send an explanation of benefits. 

  • Co-insurance vs. co-pay
    • A co-insurance is a percentage of the approved fees that you pay after you meet your deductible.  
    • A co-pay is a fixed amount that you pay per visit after meeting your deductible 

  • What services are covered?
    • Covered services vary by insurance provider. 
    •  If they reject a charge it could take up to 180 days for us to get a response after billing it out. 

If you have further questions you are able to directly contact your insurance provider to receive a quote on your benefits and services that are covered. The HR department at your office may also be able to answer more specific questions regarding your plan.

During open enrollment if you need advice on how to choose an insurance plan with chiropractic coverage please let us know.  



Always remember, chiropractic now can save you thousands on surgery later.

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