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Many people search for a non-invasive treatment for pains and aches. Cold laser therapy can be the solution you seek. The Chiropractic Studio in Troy offers this treatment option. 


What Is Cold Laser Therapy?

It is a new treatment approach that uses low-level lasers to stimulate damaged tissues. This solution reduces inflammation and hastens your healing. The treatment course prompts the body to heal itself and encourages cell regeneration and repair by stimulating mitochondria. The laser penetrates up to four inches into one's tissue to trigger healing at the source of the injury. 

A Typical Cold Laser Therapy Session

Cold laser therapy uses light waves to trigger the healing of human tissue. You can use it to treat chronic or acute pain. A chiropractor places the laser over the injured region for a few minutes — the length depends on the injury's nature and size. 

The treatment will involve light photons from a handheld gadget passing over your skin. The light penetrates your skin's surface and reduces the injured tissue's pain and inflammation. 

A chiropractor will use it to improve the condition of your cartilage, ligaments, muscles, and nerve endings. The treatment can also deal with ailments, such as tendonitis, back pain, knee pain, arthritis pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome. 

Is Cold Laser Therapy Effective? 

The FDA recently ruled that cold laser therapy offers a reprieve for pain in the short-term. It is a practical, non-invasive treatment with no side effects. 

Benefits of Cold Laser Therapy 

The treatment can yield many benefits. 

  • It Eliminates Pain and Reduces Inflammation: The laser's lights lower the inflamed joints' swelling. They also stimulate tissue regeneration and offer better joint mobility. 
  • The Treatment Is Safe: The therapy uses mild, non-invasive laser light to heal injuries and reduce pain. The approach doesn't involve intense lasers that can damage your tissues. It is also pain-free and has no side effects. 
  • It Triggers Faster-Wound Healing: The treatment speeds up recovery by reducing the formation of scar tissues. You will heal faster as this treatment course encourages the reabsorption of fibrotic tissues, speeding up your healing. 
  • The Treatment Can Treat Arthritis: It can offer relief from arthritis by reducing inflammation and getting rid of the pain. You can also enjoy its ability to improve your mobility and your immune cell efficiency. 

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The Chiropractic Studio offers expert, affordable chiropractic care in Troy. Our eligible specialists leverage leading technologies and treatment methods to deliver the best treatment to our clients. They take a holistic view of your treatment and customize the treatment plan to help you get better. 

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