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About Our Chiropractic Care Clinic

Pain is something that millions of people deal with every single day. Whether caused by an injury, medical condition, or something else, pain can be extremely uncomfortable and can affect your happiness. In order to do what’s right for your mind and body, it’s best to seek chiropractic care for treatment. If you live in Troy, MI, and you’re searching for pain relief, injury rehabilitation, or a simple checkup, then make an appointment at The Chiropractic Studio PLLC. We use top-of-the-line chiropractic techniques and we’ll work our hardest to take away your pain for good. Keep reading to learn more about our doctors, services, and why we’re the #1 choice for outstanding health treatment in Troy.

Meet Our Chiropractors

We are happy to have two amazing doctors here at our office. Here is some more information about them:

Dr. Tanya Dejkunchorn

Tanya is an exceptional chiropractor with many years of experience under her belt. She is a proud graduate of Life Universe in Atlanta, Georgia, and she is currently a member of the International Chiropractic Association, the Michigan Association of Chiropractors, The Michigan Chiropractic Pediatric Association, and the Michigan Chiropractic Legal Action Counsel. Dr. Dejkunchor holds many unique skills in the industry and has actually helped treat pro athletes in the NBA, NHL, and NFL.

Dr. Carson Hutto

Dr. Carson Hutto grew up in Rochester, MI, and received her Doctor of Chiropractic Degree from National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, Illinois. She also holds a National Board of Chiropractic certification and a bachelor’s degree from Miami University. After her schooling, Carson decided to move back to her hometown community that she loves. Dr. Hutto is a proud member of the Michigan Association of Chiropractors and the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association Examiners.

Our Services

We are happy to offer a wide selection of services for your unique needs. Check them out below:

Chiropractic Care

Using various techniques depending on your needs, we are well-versed in the world of chiropractic. Whether you need minor adjustments or more aggressive spinal manipulation solutions, we provide the care you can trust.

Therapeutic Massage

The Chiropractic Studio PLLC has a team of massage therapists who can help to restore joint function, soothe tight muscles, and reduce pain.

Musculoskeletal Rehab

With a focus on targeting biomechanical issues, our musculoskeletal rehab services fit perfectly with our other health solutions.

Our other services include:

  • Cold laser
  • Yoga
  • Corrective exercise
  • Lifestyle advice
  • Nutritional counseling
  • And more!

If you want to work with some of the most experienced health professionals in Troy, MI, turn to the experts at The Chiropractic Studio PLLC. Make an appointment today to say goodbye to your pain and discomfort!

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